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The New York Trader EA
Ultra High Probability Momentum Trading exploiting the New York Open Volatility

Have you ever wondered how you can turn market volatility into your profit everyday... especially during the Nasdaq Opening Bell?

What if there is a way... a mechanical process that we can just set up and make it our daily routine to systematically extract pips from the volatility of the New York Open?

These were the 2 burning questions that I had when I started trading the US Stock and Options market.

Of course, back then, I was a struggling wannabe trader holding on to my day job while dreaming a life that is free from corporate slavery.

Then, I dreamt of a live that is free from having to report to work at 8am in the morning and getting stuck in traffic for more 60 to 90 minutes every single freaking day. And to top it off, I had to report to a Boss that I did not like and to a job that I did not enjoy. 

I was miserable and desperate back then.

Hey there...

My name is William Tan.

I don't know about you but I have always been fascinated by the Nasdaq Opening Bell.

When i first started my trading journey, I waited excitedly for the New York Open everyday because it's just so fascinating for me to see all the light blinking on my screen during the opening  Nasdaq Bell. 

And I thought to myself then many times, how do I capture some of this wonderful price fluctuation that's happening every single day.

How do I get in and get out quickly during this volatile opening bell?

I always thought and knew there must be a way. 

I knew that if I can just get some of the action, life would be very different for me.

I tried for months and years trading stocks and even options but my results were just not consistent enough.

I knew that there must be a way to exploit the fluctuation of the New York Open.

I did not find my answer in Stock Trading or Options Trading because it lacked leverage and hence needed a much larger trading capital. It also lacked the liquidity in many of the stocks.

I found the answer in Forex Trading and the magic happened when I turned my strategy into a mechanical trading system that just trades during the most volatile period of New York Open.

This was idea behind the New York Trader and that was how it all started.

The New York Trader Expert Advisor is designed to trade the New York Open trading hours and is a full trading solution.

It will help you manage an entire portfolio by trading from a basket of Forex pairs that you pre-populate. And it will trade strictly from this pool that you selected or if not use our default and proven pairs that we have backtested.

The best part is that you start to enjoy High Win Ratio in your account.

It's fun time ahead.

Earnings Disclaimer:  Results shown are not typical. To achieve these results require discipline, practice, and dedication.
Depending on the individual trader, it may take weeks and months of practice to achieve these results. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

In the end, it's the results that Matters.
The Price of this EA is worth 100x if it delivers the result you desire.

Here's what you get...

Fully Optimized Trading Solution to exploit the volatility of the New York Open ($497 value)

With the US market open, there's always plenty of volatility and of course opportunity for us to grab those pips that flying all over the market. The New York Trader EA is designed to help us mechanically grab those pips.

Straight Forward Buy/Sell Strategy ($397 value)

The New York Trader EA is designed to have one open trade per pair. It will not hedge nor will it average down. This is not a system that opens multiple positions on a single pair. It will open several positions across different Forex Pairs but strictly one position one pair. It will not repair the trade. It will either Take Profit or get stopped out. Simple and clean cut so you can easily understand how to manage the trade manually if you decide to do so.

One Chart One Screen to Manage Multiple Pair 

($197 value)

If you have used any Expert Advisors in the past, you know that's it's absolutely troublesome to have multiple charts opened because you have to attach one EA to one pair. The New York Trader manages everything on one chart.

Populate and allow the EA to decide the Best trading pair every day ($497 value)

This feature is really useful because you can decide to populate a number of trading symbols and using the Maximum trade feature to get the New York Trader to decide what is the best setup to trade.

Maximum Trade Control Feature ($297 value)

A really powerful feature that we have added into The New York Trader is your ability to control how many trades you allow the EA to trade at any one given time. This is one of the many features we have built in to ensure that you have full control over how aggressive or conservative you want your trading to be. 

Three Powerful Exit Strategies so that you can sleep well at night knowing that your portfolio risk is always limited. ($997 value)

The New York Trader has 3 powerful exit strategy built in that you can decide to enable all, partial, or totally disable all of them. Since the New York Trader is a multi-pair Expert Advisor, we have built in a Portfolio Account Stop Loss which means once set at 30% (for example) your account drawdown will not exceed 30%. This will keep many traders sleeping like a baby at night.

3 Exit Strategies:
Trailing Stop to protect profits

Portfolio Stop Loss to always protect the entire account

The Friday Close so that you can always close for the week

Use all or use none of these powerful features... It's really up to you.

Auto Lot Sizing Compounding Feature that helps you trade big when in form and scale down when out of form ($197 value)

As your account grows bigger, this feature will kick in the compounding factor that will make your account grow even faster. At the same time, if your account size declines, this feature will reduce lot size to protect your account. In short, when the system is in hot form, it will continue to increase lot size. When the market is not doing well for the strategy, it will scale down the lot size.


As we continue to work on refining the rules for The New York Trader, you will continue to receive our the latest version at no cost! 


Comprehensive Backtest Results

Highly Impressive 24 Month Back Test Results

How do you know if a strategy is robust and reliable?

Most EAs in the market are tweaked and fine tuned to trade only one or 2 pairs at most.
If a strategy is truly robust, then it really should be able to do well on several Forex pairs using the same setting.

This is exactly what we have done with The New York Trader. We tested The New York Trader with the same setting across 20 different pairs. Most did well. Some pairs generated small gain.

And a rare few lost a little money during the backtest. We have take the best of the 20 backtested pairs to share with you the detailed backtest results.

You cannot find this kind of consistency with other EAs out there using one setting for so many different pairs. This is good proof to show the robustness of The New York Trader.

EUR/USD Backtest

Win Ratio:100%
ROI %:  53.76%
Drawdown: 19.73%

GBP/USD Backtest

Win Ratio:  97.50%
ROI: 86.23%
Drawdown: 30.53%

AUD/CHF Backtest

Win Ratio:  96.81%
ROI: 44.76%
Drawdown: 22.01%

USD/CAD Backtest

Win Ratio:98.75%
ROI %:  25.63%
Drawdown: 21.48%

AUD/JPY Backtest

Win Ratio:  94.86%
ROI: 41.93%
Drawdown: 24.13%

AUD/NZD Backtest

Win Ratio:  97.97%
ROI: 19.66%
Drawdown: 19.32%

USD/CHF Backtest

Win Ratio:100%
ROI %:  21.15%
Drawdown: 24.82%

NZD/USD Backtest

Win Ratio:  94.86%
ROI: 41.93%
Drawdown: 24.13%

EUR/CHF Backtest

Win Ratio:  95.80%
ROI: 25.52%
Drawdown: 14.53%

CAD/JPY Backtest

Win Ratio: 96.38%
ROI %:  33.62%
Drawdown: 29.70%

EUR/AUD Backtest

Win Ratio:  94.93%
ROI: 20.08%
Drawdown: 26.98%

GBP/AUD Backtest

Win Ratio:  98.08%
ROI: 32.04%
Drawdown: 18.78%

Still Not Convinced?

Check out Live Trading Results here... 
Started Trading with Live Market Now using a Reputable Broker in Tickmill

The Trading Strategy
Discipline Mechanical Trading Rules Outsourced to Strict Algorithm Programming

The New York Trader is a momentum system that is designed to come alive during the first 4 hours of the New York Open. When there is a breakout and the system rules are met, then the EA will get into position and a tight trailing stop loss will cover the trade. 

We cannot emphasize enough that this system is just a straightforward Buy/Sell system. 

Sophisticated and advanced enough to keep exploiting the market for easy pips.

  • No Martingale.
  • No Hedging.
  • No Grid trading.
  • No Multiple Positions Opened for the same pair 
  • Only one position opened at one time

Looking at the trade history above, you can see all the trades are exited via stop loss. This means that there will be some trades that will have upside profit because we do not set any Take Profit Targets.

The New York Trader has powerful exits strategies built in. A tight trailing stop to always protect profits. A hard stop loss that will manage each individual open position.

An overall portfolio stop loss that will always protect your account from being blown. And an automatic timer close on Friday so that you can go into the weekend without any positions.

By default, we only use the portfolio stop loss because we believe in managing our portfolio rather than micro manage each trade individually. Of course, if you wish, you can always utilize all or none of these exit strategies. The power of choise is in your hands.

Your Risk and Growth Controls Made Easy

Fully Optimized for Trading...

With The New York Trader, you really only need to manage the lot sizing of your portfolio.

There are no other settings that you have to worry about as the trading rules are set and fixed. 

It's recommended to start with 0.01 for every $1000 in the account.

For more aggressive setting, perhaps 0.01 for every $500.

For super aggressive mode, then you can start with 0.01 for every $200.

We have already built in a compounding system so your portfolio can scale when in hot form.

As long as the pairs that you have entered are listed here, you are good to go.

It goes into a pool of authorized symbols that the EA will decide which is best to trade. 

And you only need to have one chart to manage all positions so that you don't have to have a messy screen with multiple tabs opened that actually clutters your screen.

The New York Trader

Regular Price: $397

Special Launch Price

Very Special Low Price for Early Adopters...this is going away soon...

These low prices will certainly won't be long. 

As we speak we are building a nice MyFxBook track record.

When we have a track record, the price will most certainly increase. 

You can get in now at this low price which may be at this level for the next 3 to 4 weeks.

We are releasing The New York Trader now at this low price. If you are willing to take a plunge of faith with us on this project, then get onboard with us now!

One License

Basic... highly suitable if you are just starting out in Forex or you just want to test out this system.


$97 Special Launch Price
Regular Price : $147

  • Licensed to one MT4 account number. 
  • Fully Functional MT4 EA 
  • 1 Demo Account for testing
  • Unlimited Support
  • 12 month updates
The New York Trader: One License [Special Launch Price]

Three licenses

Professional...you can resell this license or use it to manage for your clients. They will not know that you are using The New York Trader as your secret weapon.


$197 Special Launch Price
Regular Price : $397

  • Licensed to THREE MT4 account numbers.
  • Fully Functional MT4 EA 
  • 3 Demo Accounts for testing
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Updates 
  • Free Installation if you are using a VPS
The New York Trader: THREE Licenses [Special Launch Price]

There are no refunds and all sales are final!

Just to be absolutely clear...

We made the price this low so that this becomes a no brainer decision for you and
we also do not want the hassle of dealing with tyre kickers.

And we have shown and proven to you the effectiveness of The New York Trader.

There are no refunds and all sales are final. If you are unsure, please do not proceed.

Although this is almost surely the best decision you can make in the trading world, think carefully.

We will not entertain any refund request for any reason.

This is a one time payment with no yearly renewal fees.

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